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Our courses are taught by market experts and provide personalized support to ensure your success and help you appear globally in a constantly evolving market. AGTU is the Global University with local and affordable prices.


Obtain the most prestigious certifications in Computer Science with our Masters in Technology and be present in the market.


Our career-oriented methodology prepares you much better, focusing on the development of practical skills and delving deeper into lines of research such as ESG and digital business.


Develop your knowledge in the lines of research that are trending in global education: Digital Education and Sustainability (ESG). With specific service for basic, higher and corporate education.

Why choose AGTU?

Global University, Local Price

Gain international knowledge at an affordable price in your local currency.

Online Classes with Weekly Interaction

At AGTU, you interact with students and teachers from all over the world, every week synchronously we bring you debates on the topics that are currently being talked about in your area of knowledge.

Career Opportunities

AGTU broadens your perspectives and horizons, with the AGTU global diploma you can secure a job anywhere in the world.

Didactic Material Included

A huge collection of materials to develop your knowledge

Companies act more and more globally

It no longer matters where you are, but how far you can go, your reach can be global. Companies and organizations already offer products and services globally, as well as hire employees globally. Products and services reach several countries and its employees are from all over the world.

You can be part of this! Have a degree from a globally recognized American university and access your course wherever you are. Our online Learning Panel, with a choice of three languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish), allows you to learn from anywhere, in the way you find most interesting.


Know more about our Master’s Programs

Online Classes

AGTU has developed the most advanced learning system (LMS) for Online Master's programs. You will have access to classes watching videos created by titled teachers with perfect image and sound. Plus, your tasks will be automatically organized for you.

Life Time Access
After completing your master's degree, you will be able to continue accessing our learning system (LMS) with all the program content to consult it in the future, whenever you need.
Our Learning System
Integrates several educational tools and technologies in one place. This makes it easier to navigate and use resources efficiently, providing a more cohesive learning experience.
High Definition Videos Classes
HD video quality provides a crisp and clear visual experience. Students can see important details, graphs, and demonstrations more accurately, which makes content easier to understand.
Online Classes with Weekly Interaction
We prioritize interactive learning. Our online classes offer immersive virtual classrooms where you interact with teachers and peers. Weekly discussions encourage collaborative and enriching learning.

Our Partners are Market Leaders

AGTU develops its content using what is most advanced on the market, through strategic partnerships we bring you modern and current content.


IBM offers several AI courses, from basic to advanced, covering machine learning, neural networks, NLP and ethics, serving students, professionals and organizations.


AGTU is an official academic partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS), a global leader in cloud computing services, providing a wide range of technologies and solutions to businesses and governments around the world.


VisED: Experience the future of online education in partnership with AGTU University, offering a wide range of technology-focused courses and more, designed to empower students around the world.


AGTU is the official academic partner of CompTIA, a leading non-profit trade association in the IT industry that issues professional certifications worldwide.

AGTU is the accessible university for everyone

AGTU offers Online Masters at a price that everyone in the world can afford. We determine the cost of our programs for each country using World Bank purchasing power parity (PPP). In other words, you pay according to your region’s payment capacity, thus democratizing access to our programs in countries where the price of an American course would be unaffordable.

The Most Advanced School

AGTU offers online Masters in technology, education and administration. Our interdisciplinary approach incorporates the latest advancements and industry best practices into our curriculum. Our programs align with the needs of leading technology companies and independent innovators, and our experienced faculty come from leading organizations.

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Asqued Questions

Do you have any questions about AGTU? See our FAQ or get in touch.
Where is the University?
The administrative headquarters of the American Global Technology University is located at 6900 Tavistock Lakes Blvd. Suite 400, Orlando, FL 32827. American Global Tech University is an online academic community dedicated to the highest standards of higher education in the field of technology and offers quality programs online, allowing students to thrive in the challenges of the 21st century in a global marketplace.
Does AGTU have authorization to operate?
AGTU is licensed to operate as a University through the Florida State Commission on Education, License No. 12506, pursuant to Bylaws and Chapter 6E of the Florida Administrative Code.
What programs are offered?

- Master of Business Administration with specialization in Digital Business - Master of Business Administration with specialization in Digital Business
- Master of Business Administration with Specialization in ESG - Governance, Social Responsibility and Environment- Master of Business Administration with
specialization in Sustainability
- Master in Artificial Intelligence - Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence
- Master in Cloud - Master of Science in Cloud Computing
- Master in Cyber Security - Master of Science in Cyber Security
- Master of Science in Education with specialization in Technologies in Digital Education - Master of Science in Education with specialization in Digital Education
- Master of Education with Specialization in ESG - Governance, Social Responsibility and Environment - Master of Science in Education with
specialization in Sustainability

Is it necessary to speak English?

Our content is available in English, Portuguese and Spanish. You can choose which language to study. It will not be necessary to carry out the English

What is the teaching methodology used by AGTU

The methodology adopted includes making content available asynchronously, through a highly intuitive online learning environment,
known as LMS (Learning Management System). This environment provides a fluid interaction, allowing students to progress at their own pace.
pace, according to your needs and availability. To deepen the topics covered in each course, we will hold synchronous meetings
weekly, providing a space for direct interaction with professors, thus expanding opportunities for learning and discussions.

How are program activities organized?

The programs are divided into disciplines where each discipline will be developed in 6 weeks. In the 6th week will be the final evaluation of the subject that will be composed of a case study to be analyzed by a specialist teacher with feedback to the student

Will it be necessary to present a dissertation in the AGTU Master's?

Yes, in order for the student to apply for recognition as required by the MEC, the student must present the dissertation to an evaluating committee.

What teaching materials will be available in my online learning environment?

E-books, articles, video lessons and other learning resources, allowing you to focus on your academic journey.

What are the forms of payment?

You can pay with debit, credit, Pix and boleto card through digital platforms.