Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is the University?
The administrative headquarters of the American Global Technology University is located at 6900 Tavistock Lakes Blvd. Suite 400, Orlando, FL 32827. American Global Tech University is an online academic community dedicated to the highest standards of higher education in the field of technology and offers quality programs online, allowing students to thrive in the challenges of the 21st century in a global marketplace.
Does AGTU have authorization to operate?
AGTU is licensed to operate as a University through the Florida State Commission on Education, License No. 12506, pursuant to Bylaws and Chapter 6E of the Florida Administrative Code.
What programs are offered?

- Master of Business Administration with specialization in Digital Business - Master of Business Administration with specialization in Digital Business
- Master of Business Administration with Specialization in ESG - Governance, Social Responsibility and Environment- Master of Business Administration with
specialization in Sustainability
- Master in Artificial Intelligence - Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence
- Master in Cloud - Master of Science in Cloud Computing
- Master in Cyber Security - Master of Science in Cyber Security
- Master of Science in Education with specialization in Technologies in Digital Education - Master of Science in Education with specialization in Digital Education
- Master of Education with Specialization in ESG - Governance, Social Responsibility and Environment - Master of Science in Education with
specialization in Sustainability

Is it necessary to speak English?

Our content is available in English, Portuguese and Spanish. You can choose which language to study. It will not be necessary to carry out the English

What is the teaching methodology used by AGTU

The methodology adopted includes making content available asynchronously, through a highly intuitive online learning environment,
known as LMS (Learning Management System). This environment provides a fluid interaction, allowing students to progress at their own pace.
pace, according to your needs and availability. To deepen the topics covered in each course, we will hold synchronous meetings
weekly, providing a space for direct interaction with professors, thus expanding opportunities for learning and discussions.

How are program activities organized?

The programs are divided into disciplines where each discipline will be developed in 6 weeks. In the 6th week will be the final evaluation of the subject that will be composed of a case study to be analyzed by a specialist teacher with feedback to the student

Will it be necessary to present a dissertation in the AGTU Master's?

Yes, in order for the student to apply for recognition as required by the MEC, the student must present the dissertation to an evaluating committee.

What teaching materials will be available in my online learning environment?

E-books, articles, video lessons and other learning resources, allowing you to focus on your academic journey.

What are the forms of payment?

You can pay with debit, credit, Pix and boleto card through digital platforms.

What are the prerequisites for enrolling in the Master's program?

- Be at least 18 years old;
- Submit academic transcripts and graduation diploma in bachelor's degree or degree;
- Personal documents;
- Curriculum vitae.
Important: short-term undergraduate courses do not meet the minimum prerequisites for admission to the Master's program.

Is it necessary to translate the documents into English?

It will not be necessary. The student should only send the documents recognized by the local government.

How can I enroll?

After identifying the desired course and the payment method that best suits your needs in “Enroll” start the purchase process for your first semester of the master's program. You will be required to fill in the information on the form and complete your purchase. After confirming the purchase, you will receive an email with instructions for accessing the content directly on the AGTU Portal.

How do I request a course cancellation?

All AGTU student requests, including cancellation requests, are made directly through the learning dashboard. If the instructor decides. If you cancel your enrollment after 7 days from the registration date, you will be required to pay the current month's installment and a contractual penalty of 30% of the contracted amount.

Can I change my program after enrolling?

If you want to change your program after applying, you must write to the academic office and ask for permission. We will review your request
individually, depending on the availability of the program you want to switch to. You may have to pay extra fees to change your program.

Can I take courses from another institution?

It is possible to transfer credits from other institutions. To do so, it will be necessary to submit the academic history and course syllabus for analysis.

Can I request a transfer to another institution?
AGTU cannot guarantee that other colleges or universities will accept your degree and/or credits. If you wish to continue your studies elsewhere institution after studying at AGTU, contact that institution and ask if it will recognize your degree and/or credits before enrolling.
How long does it take to complete a program?

From 18 to 24 months.

What if my term expires and I don't finish the course?

You can request an extension of up to two months by submitting an extension request through your Learning Dashboard. There is no additional cost
for extension requests. The approval process can take up to 14 days.

What is the pass rate?


How will I receive my diploma?

Upon completion of your program, the digital PDF copy of your Diploma will be available for download in your learning dashboard.
You also have two options:
1. obtain your printed diploma, which is a physical copy signed and sent to the address registered in our system. Shipping takes place within 90 days,
and the costs of this sending are the responsibility of the student;
2. choose to have the original high-resolution PDF of your diploma emailed to you and print it on any paper you like. The DCN (Digital Certificate Number) and
its validation through CertVue makes your diploma official.

How can I recognize my diploma in Brazil?

In Brazil, the recognition process is governed by rules established by the Ministry of Education (MEC). Our students can recognize their international diploma following all the prerequisites required in Resolution 01/2022 of the National Council of Education (CNE) and Normative Ordinance No. 22 of December 13, 2016, of the Ministry of Education - MEC
The process is carried out directly by the student at the Federal Government's Carolina Bori Portal -
The AGTU team will provide full support to carry out this process.
Now is the time to take your career to new heights, combining international prestige with local relevance.

What if I have a disability that limits my learning?

AGTU is committed to providing equal access and opportunity to students with disabilities. We offer a variety of features and accommodations in our
Learning Management System to help visually and hearing impaired students learn effectively and comfortably. We comply with federal laws
that prohibit discrimination on the basis of disability and ensure that our academic requirements are fair and reasonable. These laws include Section 504 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973; the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Title II; and its implementing regulations in 34 C.F.R. Part 104 and 28 C.F.R. Part 35. If you have a disability and need special assistance or consideration, please let us know on the application form. we will do our best
to meet your needs and help you succeed in your education.

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy explains how AGTU will handle your personal data and respect your privacy rights. It tells you what data we collect, what
we do with them and with whom we share them. It also explains how you can access, update or delete your information if you wish. We follow the
European Union General Data Protection Regulation, which is a law that protects your privacy and data security. Our Privacy Policy
applies to all of our services and activities, such as courses, programs, events and websites.

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